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Jeff served as the Vice-President of the  Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations represented 28,000 pilots in the areas of safety, security and legislative affairs. In that capacity he has testified 3 times before congressional committees and served as the airline pilots voice for air safety in many video and print media interviews. Through his extensive advocacy on Capitol Hill Jeff has helped shape legislation to make the nation's air transportation system safer. Jeff was instrumental in getting legislation passed to significantly raise the qualifications necessary to act as an airline pilot. He also served on several of the FAA's Aviation Rulemaking Committees charged with making recommendations to the FAA Administrator on the content of the applicable regulations to meet the mandate of the legislation. 

Jeff has also passed on his skills in air safety management as an instructor with the University of Southern California’s Aviation Safety & Security Program at the Viterbi School of Engineering

Jeff has presented before a National Research Council committee studying pilot fatigue and participated as a panelist at an American College of Physician Executives training seminar seeking bring lessons from the aviation model to the medical industry. He regularly presents at national and international aviation conferences on topics related to aviation safety. Jeff serves as an expert witness in aircraft accident investigation and cases, and consults on human factors integration and Cockpit Resource Management techniques.

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