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As a public speaker Jeff relates the Lessons of the Miracle on the Hudson. In his presentation he speaks of air safety practices that can be surprisingly applicable to all walks of life.

Jeff has published over 80 articles in publications ranging from Smithsonian's Air & Space to the Physician Executive Journal. He currently writes a monthly column for Sport Aviation.





Jeff has worked extensively as an advocate and consultant in air safety and has been actively involved in shaping legislation and regulation in aviation matters.


Jeff has been a career airline pilot for 30 years and has logged over 22,000 hours in the skies. He is actively involved in many segments of aviation and is widely known in aviation circles.


Jeff Skiles has many dimensions as a speaker, writer, safety consultant, and lifelong pilot. Making his home in Madison, Wisconsin Jeff is currently employed as a pilot with American Airlines. In the past he was the Vice President of Communities and Member Programs for EAA, a 200,000 member recreational pilot organization. Prior to that he served as the Vice-President of the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association advocating for safety and security issues affecting airline pilots. In this role he testified before congressional committees on three occasions. Jeff will forever be known for 3 1/2 minutes over the Hudson River in January, 2009 when he and Sully Sullenberger piloted their stricken Airbus 320 airliner carrying 155 people to a safe landing in the waters off Manhattan. From this event Jeff has received many awards ranging from the Smithsonian Institution's Award for Current Achievement to the Master's Medal from the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators.

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